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“I was searching for help to get out of my timeshares. I chose the right company! I’m free of my timeshares and very grateful. These people are the honest ones. One firm I contacted was going to charge me 4 times what I paid.”
– Carol. H. 

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As a Premier, Industry Leading, Timeshare Consulting Firm, we offer the most Trusted Options for your timeshare needs. Unlike other companies, we offer Expedited Transfer as well as Party to Party Transfer in addition to Timeshare Cancellation services. We have already helped many others just like you!

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“Thank you for helping us achieve financial success. We are so lucky we found you and your company. We cannot express how grateful we are that you are helping us out of our timeshare mess.”
–  Steve, Erin, and Family


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The Bad News…

Money managers and investment gurus alike will tell you that your timeshare isn’t an investment at all. It’s worthless. It is next to impossible to sell or even give away. The truth is…no one else wants the debt or rising maintenance fees either.  Listing companies don’t work. Rental companies take your money on mostly empty promises. Resale companies charge thousands just to post an ad for your timeshare on ebay…where it sits unsold with the rest of the timeshares listed for One Dollar.  The sad truth you must face, like countless others, is that timeshares are simply too costly to own.

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”We’ll do what we say we are going to do. We offer a Money Back Guarantee in writing on multiple solutions we offer. We have Guaranteed Solutions to Negotiate, Cancel or Transfer your timeshare. It’s just that simple.” Learn More…


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Affordable and trusted timeshare exit options including timeshare contract cancellation and timeshare transfer. Get out of your timeshare today and get rid of your timeshare debt and fees. Exit your timeshare now!


*Our Money Back Guarantee is not applicable to all Solutions that we offer. Our Consultants will apprise all Clients of their best possible Options and Outcomes and provide our Money Back Guarantee on all Options that apply.