Use this section of our web site to find answers to some of the most common questions that most people have about their timeshare, cancellation, and transfer. Don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you need any further answers to your questions.

Who can National Cancellation & Transfer Help?

Almost everyone so give us a call!

National Cancellation & Transfer is a Consulting Agency specializing in the many varied aspects of the Travel and Timeshare Industry. We offer:

  1. Consultation Services about the realistic expectations and use of your respective timeshare ownership.
  2. Help in determining your best options. We are not a listing company but we will be glad to answer your questions in regards to them.
  3. We offer Information about your many Options and help you determine what is best for you and your family. 
  4. We offer a multitude of services including termination, negotiation, transfer and cancellation facilitated by in house or retained solutions. We also offer exclusive access to some industry leading do-it-yourself exit options.
  5. We offer exclusive access to some third party solutions that can take measures to preserve or restore credit negatively affected by timeshare ownership or exit.
Some examples of timeshare lies or tactics may include:
Timeshare Sold as an Investment. This includes being told that the timeshare will increase in value over time; or that one location is worth more than another.
Resale or Rental. Any assurances or promises that the owner will be able to resell their ownership for a profit; that the developer will “buy it back”; or that the owner will be able to rent their unit, points, weeks or “bonus time” to cover the cost of maintenance fees, mortgage, or other costs.
Maintenance Fees. Being told that the fees may never go up or that they may be offset by rental or other programs or options. It must be understood what maintenance fees are and that they do go up over time.
Tour Length Running Overtime. Timeshare tours are not to exceed 90 minutes in most cases in accordance to the terms of the OPC or marketing group. Any length of time to exceed this may constitute coercion.
False Sense of Urgency. This is a sales tactic. This occurs when a tour is told they must “buy today” or they will incur some degree of loss, or perhaps never be able to tour again.
Misleading Meetings. These include owner updates, dinner or banquet parties or other meetings that are simply sales presentations in disguise.
False Options. These may be “Banquet Options” or specific Options inherent to specific deeding or resort locations. Often these accompany owner updates or inhouse timeshare sales as a means of getting owners to upgrade their levels or buy more points or weeks. Take a good look at your contract. Where are those specific pricing or inventory options?
Cancellation. Buyers must understand their right to cancel. The rescission period must be made clear, fully disclosed, and signed by all parties.
Tax Write Offs. Any promise that the timeshare may qualify for a tax break or incentive other than a miniscule portion of property tax.
Closing. All documentation requiring a signature must have been fully explained by the agent at the time of closing.

Does National Cancellation & Transfer just Buy, Sell, or List my timeshare for a fee?

No. National Cancellation & Transfer is not a listing or resale company. But, we will gladly take a look at what you have and help you find the right solution for you.  We offer free consultation regarding these services and will gladly steer you clear of the wolves.

Will my timeshare qualify for your services?

Be wary of those who insist the circumstances of your timeshare do not matter. The truth is, resorts and their sales practices are unique. When you contact National Cancellation & Transfer for a Free Consultation, our experts will work with you to determine the best way to help you. We may be able to solve your problems with just a few initial questions. It happens! Or, you may wish to utilize one of our many services or solutions.

What services does National Cancellation & Transfer offer me?

National Cancellation & Transfer offers a range of services in order to take into account our client’s individual needs. We offer Consultation on a wide range of timeshare related subjects and will help you form realistic expectations in your ownership and usage. Some owners have two or more timeshares and wish to keep one of them and get rid of the other. Others wish to eliminate their timeshare ownership completely and all debt and fees that go with it.

We will help you select the solution that is right for you as every owner’s situation is unique. Sometimes the solution is easy! In many cases all it took was one phone call and a few minutes of consultation and the owner was able to get out of their timeshare. Unfortunately, this isn’t often the case, and it takes a concerted effort and the application of the right option.

We will share with you our expertise from over 5 years in business and thousands of consultations. The industry is always growing and changing and we adapt our solutions to give our clients the very best outcomes possible.

How does Timeshare Exit work?

We offer a number of different solutions that benefit unique owners according to their individual wants and needs.

While some options may involve the use of retained attorneys, others involve transfer, deedback  to the resort via structured negotiation or settlement. It is important that our client’s are clear about what they want as well as their expectations.

For information about your options sign up for a FREE CONSULTATION today!

How does your 100% Money Back Guarantee work?

National Cancellation & Transfer has stood behind our 100% Money Back Guarantee for more than 5 years in business. For the terms of our contractual guarantee see OUR GUARANTEE.

Is National Cancellation & Transfer a law firm or a timeshare advocacy group?

We are neither. National Cancellation & Transfer  is a Consultation Agency specializing in timeshare ownership and services including transfer and cancellation. We also may retain an attorney on your behalf with a limited power of attorney, which you give us, so they may legally represent you. This arrangement allows us both the freedom and the power to help  the victims of fraud and misrepresentation.

I've been scammed in the past. How do I protect myself and trust you?

If you feel you have been taken advantage of by an agency in the past do not hesitate to call us immediately! We can help. Our aim is to rid the industry of advocacy scams and predators. Aside from our timeshare exit services, we will gladly provide free aid and consultation. Our retained attorneys may pursue the agency that scammed you.

Does National Cancellation & Transfer charge an upfront fee?

The answer varies on an individual basis depending on a number of factors that come into play. However, in the beginning we offer timeshare victims our Free Consultation so that we may determine the best solutions and cost for you. Our Retained Attorneys are recognized as some of the best in the timeshare legal and cancellation industry. And we utilize the industry leaders in timeshare transfer to ensure your success. Because of this, we offer our 100% Money Back Guarantee if we are unable to cancel or transfer your timeshare for any reason.

To Learn More about upfront fees and what to watch out for check out The Truth About Upfront Fees in our Information Section.

What will happen to the money I paid for my timeshare? Will I be able to get any money back?

There is no Guarantee that you will receive prior monies invested into your timeshare back. Every client outcome is unique. However, you may qualify  for additional aid. In some cases, our retained attorneys may be able to recover some of the money you have lost. What they may get back for you…is all yours. We only charge the one time for our initial Cancellation or Transfer services.

Does your service involve me getting into another timeshare?


Why not just sell my timeshare?

 Typically speaking, timeshares on the resale market are all but worthless. If a developer told you they would “buy it back” then they probably lied to you. They are in the business to sell timeshares and not to buy them back. Resale or Rental companies charge outrageous fees to simply list your timeshare on auction sites such as ebay. Then both of you wait. They just count your money. Face it…no one else wants those rising maintenance fees and your debt either.

My resort representatives want me to come in to see what they can do. Should I?

If you have spoken to your Developer or their service representative on the phone then, more often than not, you have been led into what is called an “In House” sales presentation. The guys that sold it to you work on the “Frontline.” The guys who say they can fix your “problems” work in the “In House” or “VIP” sales division. They want to bring you in before you can get rid of your timeshare for good. There they will bring up all of the problems you have and inform you that you need to buy more to somehow fix them. If you want to buy more, go ahead. That’s what In House is for. If you really want to get out of your timeshare…call us or Contact Us for your Free Consultation.

What will happen to any reservation I have made with my resort or through an exchange company like RCI?

Technically speaking, you may still use points booked that you have already exchanged for prior to a process of Cancellation if that is what you decide to do. . However, this utilization may prove a liability for the our retained attorneys working on your behalf. Because of this, we cannot offer our 100% Money Back Guarantee if you continue to use your timeshare once you begin the process as it may interfere with the Cancellation.

My children do not want my timeshare. What do I do?

Don’t waste your time or money on fly by night resale or rental scams. National Cancellation  will work to free you, as well as your family, from the present or future burden of rising debt and fees. We offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if we cannot get you out.

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