“Thank you for helping us achieve financial success. We are so lucky we found you and your company. We cannot express how grateful we are that you are helping us out of our timeshare mess.”

–  Steve, Erin, and Family

I inherited my timeshare through the passing of my father. After paying year after year the maintenance fee, that flat out made me broke. I decided to stop paying the maintenance fee thinking they would repo it, needless to say, I landed in bigger trouble. I took out a bank loan to pay a company to sell it or get rid of it for me. Which, to say that made bigger debt, having to get a loan to pay all the back fees and now to pay that company’s fees. I was at my literal wits end. I found National Cancellation and Transfer by one more ditch effort online. I got in touch with Wade, who helped me feel so much relief off my shoulders. Every time I had a question or was going to break down, Wade, was my saving grace. That gentleman even though miles away, I could feel him hugging and holding me and reassuring me. I thank him with all my heart. He really knows his stuff and raised a caring family. Thank you Sir.

– Molly N.

I appreciate your service to me and my daughter Kim, during a very difficult time for our family. It is a great relief, to get out of the mess of the TimeShare. We appreciate your services and would recommend you to others. Thank you so much, Louise.

– Louise W.

Mark and I were relieved when we received our final notification that our timeshare was finally gone! I cannot express enough, for the both of us, what it feels like to be free of that debt. Wade was so friendly and Brad helped us with all of the details in the beginning. A great team and a great decision.

– Mark and Debbie R.

I was told to keep realistic expectations because I had used my timeshare for several years. It was better than I hoped and I actually got back some of what I had paid for it. I really can’t thank you enough. But thank you all the same. I would definitely recommend your company.

– Armando M.

I wasted money buying a timeshare. I wasted money trying to sell it, rent it and you name it! This was money well spent. Wade helped me all the way through the process. It took longer than I thought but I never paid more than the initial cost. Money well spent. No more collectors. No more debt. No more maintenance fees. So glad to be out.

– Dean and Sherrie M.

We were very nervous, to say the least, when we decided to get out of our timeshares. We contacted a different company, but looked around online and found you. I was skeptical because you were more affordable and I recognized some of the endorsements on the other company. But you quoted almost half as much and Gina made the decision. I’m so glad she did. We got our letter of freedom and I’m not, we’re not, nervous anymore. I think they are paying the celebrities! Not with our money! Thank you for doing a good job.

– John and Gina K.

I wish it was faster. But I crossed my fingers and held on. You know I was burned before by some company that promised they would sell it. If I would have had a time machine I never would have bought my stupid timeshare in the first place. But I did. It cost me more time and money. Ugh. But I’m out. And I’m finally rid of it.

– Brenda P.

As a single father raising three young kids, I have enough to manage as it is. A friend told me about this and I did it to get rid of my resort in (….). Now I have more money for the kids and one less thing to worry about. It works. It does. Now I’m sharing time instead of timesharing. We travel more now…and go wherever we want. It works and I’m glad I did it.
– Darren H.

Thank you. Thank you! Thank you!! We truly appreciate the way in which our cancellation was handled. We have made new friends! It’s such a relief to no longer pay for that useless weight on our backs. Our children thank you too! We are so glad our daughter found you online and mentioned you. Out of the mouths of babes indeed!

– Pat and Mary S.

I liked that there were options. And I’m so glad that Brad helped explain everything to us. We could have gotten out a couple of different ways. Barbara says I’m cheap but, as a Navy veteran, I’m smart! So I chose the cheaper one. Ha! What else? It worked for us. I’ve had enough travel in the Navy.

– Brad and Barbara G.

When my father passed he left my mother with two timeshares, and she just couldn’t afford them. I didn’t want them for sure so I got online and looked at my options. After talking with Wade, my mother and I decided to go with National Cancellation & Transfer. There was a lot of information and so many options. They guided me along the way and I helped my mother. We transferred one of the timeshares and we are already out of it. We’ll have to cancel the other though. Halfway there. So far so good.

– Patty H.

I lost a lot of money on my timeshare and really wanted to get the money back. It was easier than I thought to finally get out of it, but I didn’t get all the money I spent on my timeshare and all those fees back. I knew I had to be realistic and it was my fault getting a timeshare in the first place. I’m finally…finally out. Thanks National Cancellation & Transfer.

– Chuck P.

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