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“Of all things, what is most damaged by those who sell timeshare is the trust of the consumer. Most timeshare owners feel as though they’ve been had. These include professionals; doctors; lawyers. These are smart people. Yet, every day, I work with people who were lied to…by the salesmen; the developers; and even some of the ‘consumer advocates’ after the fact.
Our mission is clear. We cannot build a company of value without Trust. It’s just that simple. So we at National Cancellation & Transfer work hard to earn the trust and faith of our clients. In this way, we hope to restore much more than just what money we can for them.”
Wade Phillips – National Cancellation & Transfer

National Cancellation & Transfer is your answer. When you’re ready to break free from the fees and the debt that is holding you prisoner, what you need are real solutions and not empty promises.

While some owners enjoy their timeshare, others have been victimized by unscrupulous sales tactics including coercion and fraud. In either case, the expense of ownership may prove too great in the long term. And the perpetual timeshare ownership will pass these debts onto your decendents, unless you get rid of it.

What We Do…And How We’re Different.


Depending on your individual ownership and particular situation, we have options to get you out of your timeshare once and for all. While there is a cost for any of our services, we do not list or offer to sell your timeshare for some kind of upfront fee. We provide services that get the job done right.


  • CONSULTATION: Take your first step toward peace of mind and freedom from the burden of your unwanted timeshare ownership. Find out what your ownership is costing you and what your real Options are. With so many different types of timeshare ownership and so many different Developers, it takes an Expert to know what Options you really have. Don’t be led into blind alleys and don’t make the mistake of paying thousands for a solution that won’t work for your particular situation. Know your rights. Know your Options!

  • EXPEDITED (FAST) TRANSFER:  We are one of the few providers of this option because it relies on negotiated relationships and depends on what you own. If your timeshare qualifies, then we may be able to get you out of it in 90 Days or less. It takes less time and is less costly than other options. The same Guarantee applies as it does to any Transfer. With this option, if you are not out in 90 Days or less then it becomes a regular Transfer without the additional cost to you. You can only use this option if your timeshare is paid off. 

  • CANCELLATION:  If you qualify for our services for timeshare cancellation help, our retained attorneys will utilize all legal recourse, and our many working relationships with timeshare companies, to work to terminate your timeshare. This is the ONLY option available with certain titles and deeds as some Developers do not allow title transfer. Cancellation can be an excellent choice if you still owe a balance on your ownership and feel that you were misled, coerced, or taken advantage of when you became an owner and want out of your timeshare and the recurring maintenance fees.

  • TRANSFER:  If your timeshare is Paid Off, then we may be able to transfer your title to rid you of recurring costs and maintenance fees. This is also a full, and final, solution.

  • Do-It-Yourself (DIY):  We offer EXCLUSIVE options such as DIY EXIT PLUS(tm) that provide you with everything that you need to negotiate a settlement with your resort or exit your unwanted timeshare. For those who don’t mind the extra work involved, this may be what you need. This option includes a number of FREE Legal Consultations from a timeshare exit attorney as well as help along the way. It’s AFFORDABLE on almost any budget. And, most importantly, it works.

“I appreciate your service to me and my daughter Kim, during a very difficult time for our family. It is a great relief, to get out of the mess of the TimeShare. We appreciate your services and would recommend you to others. Thank you so much, Louise.”

–  Louise W.

“We had reached out to another company prior to National Cancellation and waited and waited for a response from them. Mr. Wade was so helpful and totally put our fears to rest.. I really enjoyed speaking with him. He put us at ease going into this. This ordeal was effortless for us and affordable as well. I am so happy that we came across National Cancellation.”

  • Debra and William P.

“I wasted money buying a timeshare. I wasted money trying to sell it, rent it and you name it! This was money well spent. Wade helped me all the way through the process. It took longer than I thought but I never paid more than the initial cost. Money well spent. No more collectors. No more debt. No more maintenance fees. So glad to be out.”

– Dean and Sherrie M. 

We will help you find the best and most affordable solution for your particular ownership.

No More TAXES or FEES. No future liability.


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