100% Money Back Guarantee

We provide the services of timeshare consultation, negotiation, transfer, and cancellation if warranted. We DO NOT offer substandard exits or scams such as timeshare listing services; donation or resale services. Our services are honest, trusted and WORK.

An excerpt from our contract:

In the event that Client does not receive a bona fide offer to terminate their Timeshare Agreement within the Term of the Agreement and Client has fulfilled the responsibilities as outlined in this Service Agreement, the Company will refund 100% of the Fee Amount for services obtained through this Agreement.  This Guarantee does not apply if the Client stops or delays the process or refuses to sign a bona fide cancellation offer.  This Guarantee is also not applicable if the Client should interfere with the cancellation process in any way as not directed or advised by National Cancellation & Transfer or it’s retained attorneys*.  This Guarantee is only valid when the Client fulfills the duties required of them. 

*Client also understands that until the Cancellation is complete the terms and conditions of their timeshare ownership and Developer contract still apply. The Guarantee is null and void in the event that the client interferes with the Cancellation process or whose failure to comply with their Pre-Existing timeshare ownership contract results in a foreclosure or same such prior to Cancellation. Not all Services or Options offered by National Cancellation & Transfer include Guarantees.

**Refers to Costs and Fees for Services Only. Not all timeshare solutions apply as solutions vary by client. Does not apply to third party debt and any and all costs incurred as an effect of or in relation to the services promised. National Cancellation & Transfer can only be responsible for their part of the service or services offered to the client and the Money Back Guarantee only applies to their cost of service.