We will help you get rid of your timeshare completely by a process of Cancellation, Transfer or one of our other Options. You’ll be free from the fees, the frustrations, and the debt…forever.

Our process is trusted, legal, and final. Let us help you like we have helped so many others before. 

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Getting Out of Your Timeshare
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START THE PROCESS by taking the first step and calling 1-844-766-3337 or filling out our Free Consultation Form so we may understand your individual needs. Our Client Consultants will offer free insight and answers to your particular ownership situation.

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SHARE YOUR STORY with your friendly Client Consultant. We’ll need to know what timeshare you own; if you owe money on it; and other such information. Keep in mind that ANY information you share with us is for your benefit and may be pertinent to your Cancellation or Transfer. Your Consultant will provide you with documents and information that will guide you along the way. Don’t worry! We’ll do all the hard work.


CLIENT REVIEW is next as we go over your Options with you. Be assured that there is zero pressure to take action. We simply want you to be aware of what your timeshare is costing you and what exactly you can do about it. Try out our Timeshare Costs Calculator for yourself!

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OUR FREE RECOMMENDATION follows the Client Review. Together with your Client Consultant you should have a course of action in mind whether that is a complete Timeshare Cancellation; Transfer; Expedited Transfer or even help with a DIY Option.  Your Client Consultant will answer any concerns that you might have and will provide you with alternatives and any applicable service costs should you decide to Cancel or Transfer your timeshare once and for all.


DECIDE TO GET OUT of your timeshare via one of our many available Options. Your Client Consultant will guide you through any necessary documents required.

National Cancellation & Transfer

WE WILL TAKE IT FROM HERE!! The hassle is over as we facilitate the process from our end. 

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WHAT CAN I EXPECT? Every client ownership is unique, and not all solutions are available or even favorable in each situation. Therefore, depending on your individual ownership, your experience may vary. Our aim is to get you the result that you are wanting from start to finish. But, communication is key and our Consultants will do everything they can to lead you along your way.