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Based in beautiful Springfield, Missouri, the home of Bass Pro Shops and the heart of the majestic Ozarks, National Cancellation & Transfer works in conjunction with offices in Kansas City and Nashville to serve those many thousands now disenchanted with Timeshare. With growing affiliates, relationships, and satellite offices across the nation, we are able to help almost anyone as non attorney timeshare experts.

Managing Members


Wade Phillips

Company Co-Founder
Wade is a distinguished Air Force Veteran serving his country in Korea and the South Pacific. Something of a motivational guru, he has given speeches across the US and for several colleges and companies. His positive attitude and true regard for others are his greatest assets. Following his retirement, Wade decided to work with his sons so he might provide support and aid for other seniors and veterans like himself.
For Wade, service to the client is about building relationships and lasting trust. He knows that a company is the sum of the quality of its foundation and its works.

Brad Phillips

Company Co-Founder
Brad is an alumni of Texas A&M, where he co-founded their university chapter of the business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi. Compelled to act on behalf of owners burdened by their timeshare, Brad co-founded National Cancellation & Transfer to help provide real solutions in a sea of false advocacies and broken promises. Brad is passionate about helping others, taking a personal interest in his client’s outcome and welfare. He helps guide the process for many who initially didn’t know who to turn to.
Brad is active in the community where he volunteers and raises money for Multiple Sclerosis and Huntington’s Disease.

Scott Phillips

Company Co-Founder
Scott co-founded National Cancellation & Transfer after his own experience among the ranks of the timeshare developers. Scott understands the needs of the clients; what they were promised; and what they wound up with. Scott works diligently to promote a superior client service built upon a foundation of earned trust. Scott is a busy designer, writer and an avid collector. Scott is a proud and long time Shriner, working to aid children suffering from developmental disorders and burn injuries. These charities may be reached on his web site,

Kristen Cleveland

Managing Coordinator
Kristen received her education at the prestigious Simmons and Harvard Universities in Boston Ma. where she received her doctorate. Kristen works as a strong client advocate as she facilitates the management of resources and guidelines.

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Experience and leadership skills are a must and the entry costs will primarily be determined by you, as you build a business helping others as big as you want.

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